Monday, September 21, 2015

The Calm before the Smoke - So Sous Me - Part 8

With a mighty heave of his corded muscles, perhaps three times as corded as a well above average man, Frank heaved in an enormous piece of wood into Taeryn’s cavernous smoker. 

Frank grunted with slight exertion which nevertheless resulted in his porterhouse steak sized pectorals to heave heavily in the sweat inducing sun as they were coated liberally with sweat, the pectorals with which he wiped down with a rag in a spiral pattern so that the sweat caused by the sweltering sweat inducing sun, the heat causing his nipples to lay flat against his chest, waiting for more ardent stimulation.
Modified image, originally taken by Blake

“That’s the last of it for the next few hours,” Frank grunted at Taeryn with an intensity and tone befitting his large masculine stature, which under less stressful situations would have resulted in the significantly increased moisture content or stiffening in the undergarments of people who enjoyed the company of men (Unless Frank wasn’t their type, which while rare, is possible and he was absolutely ok with that).

“Sure am glad you’re here,” Taeryn waxed philosophically back at him, as she thought deeply the deep thoughts about the implications of not having another able body assisting her in this endeavor, which basically meant she would have had to work harder, increasing fatigue and likelihood of mistakes.

Taeryn and Frank stayed up all night, except for the parts when one of them slept, stoking the fire between them. Actually it was slightly diagonal from them, as they were positioned next to each other and looking at the central point of the smoker. But from the reader’s point of view it would be between them if the reader was at ground level and looking at them from behind. A smouldering intensity of tension of anticipating the judging the next day combined with sexual tension could be measured at five times the temperature of the the fire in the smoker.

As the sun rose on their supple, toned bodies and a rooster somewhere crowed the arrival of dawn, Frank threw off his covers with the force of a trebuchet with a two ton counterweight, causing a small sonic boom to echo across the camp fairgrounds, awakening the nearby camps and causing a couple dogs to start barking.

“Was that really necessary?” yawned Taeryn in slight annoyance which was quickly mollified by a glance at his multiple adbominal ridges. 

“Sorry, it happens sometimes,” Frank responded with strength, sincerity and respect at the same time, not that such a thing should be be held as particularly amazing but it’s notable that such a thing is achievable, as the author inserted his own biases towards civil conduct between men and women.

“Well, it woke me up, so let’s get down to brass tacks,” she said, strongly the way a strong woman does, indicating her ability to make the best of a situation, as befit a capable person, the author insisted.

“Indeed, let’s get ready.” 

The meat was pulled out with the dedication , wrapped in foil in a mammoth sized mountain the size of a mammoth, because not only was this a tasting competition, it also was a charitable event to feed anyone who wanted to arrive, which the author absolutely did not add as an afterthought right now.

This charitable giving was a requirement and a major motivator for why Taeryn participated, along with most everyone else who participated aside from the corporate plant, showing how giving they were, and may be kind of a plot hole but just roll with it for now.

“Well, time to get busy,” Frank announced, as he tightened his totally manly apron over his beefy torso, and showed off his ass nicely. 

“It’s gonna be a scorcher,” predicted Taeryn, as the day’s events began to break over them like a really tall wave of water going at a rapid speed.

To be continued.

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