About the author: SeaMyMussels

Hey all I am V.V. (Vivi to my friends!) but I go by SeaMyMussels, and I love literature, body building, and erotica, getting ripped, oceans, adventures, and crafting seashell beachwear for myself. I want to share my love for everyone, because everyone should have love. I thought I would try my hand at writing! I wanted to write about Frank Dieselwang who is my idealized form of manhood, yet totally not a Mary Sue or a wish fulfillment character or author insertion AT ALL. 

I am kind of new to writing, but hopefully my boundless passion and enthusiasm will help you enjoy my writing, and my joy will shine through the way my pectorals show through when I am sprayed playfully with a fine mist of water which happens coincidentally when I walk by the nursing home.

Please enjoy!*

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