Monday, January 4, 2016

Frank Dieselwang and the Boogie Monster (at night)

It was a dark and nightly night, the night that bespoke of how nightish it was. It was the kind of night that if a person were to walk out into the time of night, they would remark on how the quality of the night were particularly pronounced, more than usual, which is to say a lot. Frank Dieselwang was out on this night, and to display that he was as much a human as you or I, he said these words as well.

“The quality of the night is particularly pronounced tonight,” he said, just to illustrate the point once more.

The moon shone brightly, as bright as something that is worth remarking upon, but we’ve already beaten that joke to death already, so, yeah, don’t worry about it.

On this nightly night, Frank was walking about unafraid, fully cognizant of his male privilege which allowed him to do so, as well as his muscles privilege, of which he had tremendous amounts for which he could actually defend himself if the need arose and he hoped it would not because violence can be a bad thing sometimes when used indiscriminately, but it will be ok as long as the author makes it clear it is ok. 

Suddenly a boogie monster jumped out of the nearby bush and made a threatening motion. 

Frank stopped and stared it down and said “Hey buddy, watch out!”

The boogie monster stopped and said “Oh sorry I didn’t think anyone was out at this time of night.”

Frank said, “It’s ok, just watch where your going with your keen night vision.” Frank knew this because he was a noted boogie monsterologist, and he knew this one was generally nonviolent but certain individuals were careless.

The boogie monster grumbled off into the forest, taking care to watch where it was going.

Just another day (well, actually night) in the life of Frank Dieselwang.