Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Frank Dieselwang in So Sous Me! - Part 5

[Extremely NSFW sex story link here once the author gets enough interest and an arbitrary (crowdbasing website) pledge level is reached]

Later, after that extremely satisfying sex scene:

Modified/Cropped image of a Fit Finn, taken by istolethetv. Only a rough approximation of Frank Dieselwang's perfection.

“Damn, your abs are amazing,” Taeryn declared, lending credence to the notion that the author has constantly been hammering, that Frank is a great looking guy, especially his abdominal area, but also the rest of him too.

Frank smiled and continued to flex his abdominal area for her visual benefit, then maintained this flex, for reasons that will be detailed shortly.

“I always wanted to do this,” she admitted as she grunted with effort, her hands moving up and down suggestively in front of his body based on the camera angle which focused on his back, buttocks, and most of her arms, but not her hands, which looked really suggestive.

In her hands, her fingers were misleadingly held firmly with practiced precision, with both hands having a thumb and index finger creating an O with a 5 inch diameter and roughly a π*5 inch circumference.

In her hands she grasped roughly at the thick bedding that she was laundering, as Frank stood before her, wearing tasteful swim trunks and standing calf deep in a tub full of suds, as she used his washboard abs as a literal washboard. 

Stoutly he held his abs before her, holding his genetically and suntanned torso before her, stock still in a calisthenically perfect cleaning implement, as she continued to rub the bedding up and down his body.

“Jim Bob Sandy, you sure have yourself one rippling body!” Taeryn exclaimed, joyously, as she bit her lip not so subtly thinking of the crazy wild sex they had that had not been written by the author yet. “I sure had a lot of fun tumbling in the hay with you the way a woman does with a man to whom she is both attracted to and has mutual consent with!”

Frank grunted in acknowledgement, a manly grunt of acknowledgement that was what he could manage while being her washboard, but still this grunt seemed to convey respect, tenderness, and a desire to help her achieve her goals in her local geography, the way he just helped her achieve orgasm several times in a row in that sex scene the author will totally write if his [crowdbased goals] reaches funding. 

The very scene seemed to simmer like barbecue sauce that needed reducing coming off a boil, and sexual tension hung in the air like the sugary smoke of the air within a 5 foot radius of an oil drum grilling rig several hours after firing.

They locked gazes on each other, her hand inching upwards towards his pectorals, which due to their size and smoothness would not be very suitable for clothes laundering, but still she reached upwards anyway. The palpability was as thick as some kind of thick cheese that is difficult to slice into, even with a high quality knife,

As their eyes continued to lock, and Frank’s jaw started to work, but not really since he was limited to grunts, it was Taeryn who broke the silence.

“I reckon it’s time I got you to learning enough of my sauce secrets… time for more fun will come later, after we win, because keeping some kind of tension and the illusion of a reward after major story arcs are complete tend to result in the best conclusions in erotica.”

Frank grunted in agreement, the suds dripped down from his underpecs  and along his abs, favoring the straight female gaze.

To be continued....

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