Monday, August 10, 2015

Frank Dieselwang vs. Dr. Knotty - Part 2!

Regina looked at the Bondageagogo with some debatably plot driven but very understandable trepidation in slight quantities, not because she was a woman showing vulnerability to appeal to the audience but because it was a freaking ten-foot-tall self-propelled rope monster. Then she remembered she had just rescued the most manly of men, who put the “men” in specimen, Frank Dieselwang, and gave him that cool nod people can do with their chins. “You got this?” her chin seemed to imply?

Frank nodded in a manly way, as though to say, “Yeah I totally got this,” in a non-verbal reply, as evidenced by the manliness of his slightly cleft chin that was indicative of manliness based on the author's experience with American media. With great derring-do and a clever plot twist, Frank Dieselwang curled his arm like something curly and straightened it, delivering a punch into the rope monster, propelling the rope monster into Dr. Knotty, which neatly TIED UP the story, demonstrating the author’s complete willingness to pick the lowest of low hanging fruit.

Unconscious, the rope monster reflexively tied itself up around Dr. Knotty’s prone form, which would tie up any plotholes of Dr. Knotty waking up and ruining the rest of this story.

NSFW WARNING: SEXUAL THEMES AHEAD, by clicking you accept that you are of the right mind and maturity to see my attempt at writing sexual themes.

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