Monday, August 17, 2015

Frank Dieselwang in.... So Sous Me! Part 1

It wasn’t often that Frank found himself pressed into service, working his sausage under the strict instructions of a powerfully determined Southern woman, but since he was very much in touch with social justice and a feminist he did not mind taking these orders, and she was the boss today.

“Ohhh yeah, just like that, get it nice and slick, gee howdy whillikers,” growled Taeyrn Yewanewon as Frank ran his hands over his long thick Kielbasa. 

Frank labored in front of Tara, precisely running his hands over the engorged meat of his personal Kielbasa, the meat almost pulsing underneath the skin. 

With his left hand securely holding it erect, and an expert flick and swish of his right wrist, he basted his sausage with a generous coating of lubricating sauce before holding it to Taeryn’s mouth with pride and perhaps a bit of trepidation.

Taeryn opened her mouth  with the shape of a circle, which is an O, gasping at the size of it, and took it into her mouth, moaning at the taste briefly, before biting into it with a crisp snap.

“Not a bad Kielbasa, golly Jim brick wallies, but I think you stuffed your Kielbasa a bit too generously, we’re gonna need a better balanced piece of encased meat if you’re gonna be my sous in the Big Jim Bob Joey’s Mega Meat Mountain Competition.”

Taken by Steven Depolo, borrowed under creative commons license.

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