(The NAUGHTY BITS) of Frank Dieselwang vs. Dr. Knotty Part 2

“I prefer ‘seamen’ actually,” she said as she licked her lips while staring at his groin region, a strong non verbal cue if a man ever needed one that sex was clearly a likely result in the near future.

With that Frank confidently strode up to Regina, the light from his eyes glistening onto his well built and glistening chest, which reflected up towards Regina, illuminating her steely gaze, and he wrapped his arm around her which was ok because in their past they have established that hugging would often be consensual unless they were fighting and he respected, but that is not one of those situations.

“Just to be sure, you totally want to have sex right now yes?” Frank asked, in a manly and respectful way that showed not only was he manly, he was a good sex positive role model for experienced and impressionable minds alike.

“Yes, give me that dick,” she said, “that is if you’re in the mood too and consent to it,” she added, indicating that she too was a good sex positive role model for experienced and impressionable minds alike, and would not assume that simply because Frank was a man, that he would be up for sex no matter what, given their off and on relationship and the possibility that he suddenly was in a monogamous relationship which she totally would have respected.

“Normally, I would confirm that by dick you mean the penis insight of my shorts, but I think we both know where this is going,” Frank yelped redundantly as she started to stroke the outline of his mushroom monster through his tantalizingly torn pants.

Regina unzipped him with the deftness of someone who could have been the literal heiress to the zipper inventor fortune with regards to how well she could handle the zipper.

“By the way how is your zipper family estate doing?” is what Frank would have liked to have asked on behalf of the reader, but he would be too polite to point out to you, dear reader, that to ask that would be to be charging forward with all the well timed aplomb of a man who could ruin any sexual tension, which is really a bad superpower, but had he asked, he would have learned that she was in fact the literal heiress to the zipper inventor fortune by way of her great aunt’s being Zipper von Zipfurious’ sole inheritor as his beloved sister, since he didn’t have children and his parents respected that, but he still taught his sister the secret arts of the zipper, which is part of why she (she being Regina Fortisovum) was such an expert at unzipping Frank Dieselwang’s pants.

“Mmmmm, I needed this,” she growled fiercely, akin to some sort of hunting animal, as she pulled out his massive* tool, which was precisely the length that the reader prefers to imagine the reader has, either on their own person or attached to their romantic partners (be it original or a synthetic facsimile) and proceeded to stroke it.

Frank grunted with all the appreciation of a man who is being pumped with all the speed and smoothness of 2,200 bar piston that recently has been serviced.


*Or alternatively “reasonably sized” or even “small”, depending on the readers tastes, but no smaller than 4 inches and no larger than 2 feet, because authorial intent counts for something and there are LIMITS to what I’ll allow.

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